Do You Have a Conviction You Would Like Expunged?

Romy B. Kaplan – Experienced Conviction Expungement Attorney


The legal definition of expunction means that the court destroys the records of both the arrest and any court proceedings. Under Texas law, a person is allowed to expunge an arrest if the case did not end in a conviction or community supervision.

A person can also expunge class C misdemeanors if it resulted in a successful completion of a deferred adjudication.

Benefits of Expunging a Conviction

It is against Texas law to use expunged records by any entity “for any purpose.”

The person with the expunged record can deny the arrest happened at all and can deny the existence of the expunged records. Even the expunction order itself, unless being questioned under oath on the witness stand in a criminal case (at which time they can simply reply that the matter has been expunged). This even includes when applying for government and law enforcement jobs.

How Long Does It Take to Get to Expunge a Conviction?

The quicker a person starts the expungement process, the quicker the record is expunged and the person’s record is cleared.

With the growing use of public records for background checks, expunction is definitely a worthy investment. In Texas, the entire expunction process to take about 6 months.

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